Since 2008, Northwest Ambulance Service focuses on providing quality patient care and prompt, courteous service, earning a reputation as a professional and compassionate private ambulance provider.

Personnel And Career Opportunities

Personnel Screening

Our comprehensive screening program ensures that Northwest Ambulance employees meet rigorous standards for motivation, professionalism and reliability. Screening includes testing, thorough background checks and verification of all qualifications and licenses. We also utilize pre-employment and random drug testing procedures as specified by Department of Transportation guidelines.

Personnel Training

Northwest Ambulance employees are provided with positive career incentives such as ongoing job training to help reduce turnaround and foster loyalty. Our extensive in-house training programs also ensure that all drivers, dispatchers and support personnel are trained and credentialed in the most up-to-date emergency medical techniques, procedures and regulations with a patient-centered focus. In addition, all medical procedures in transport are physician-directed and monitored.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you in advance for your interest in joining our team at Northwest Ambulance Service (NAS)! We’re proud to say that NAS has hired only the most highly educated and compassionate EMS professionals. We continually recruit, screen and hire EMTs who we believe will help further the NAS mission to become a nationally recognized leading example of being a high performance 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Services and non emergent medical transportation provider. Achieving our mission can’t happen unless each and every NAS employee obeys all company policies and procedures at all times. That’s how we protect the precious integrity of the service we’ve earned over many years.

The NAS Hiring Process:


Upon passing your pre-employment physical, drug test and Breathalyzer test, you will be scheduled to attend the Northwest Ambulance orientation class. NAS will pay you for your orientation class attendance hours at a training rate of pay. During orientation, Northwest Ambulance staff will introduce you to the company’s policies and procedures and the medical protocols that guide the patient care at NAS. We will also introduce the individuals with whom you will interact with most as an employee of Northwest Ambulance Service. We will also answer any questions you may have. Northwest Ambulance’s orientation class usually takes from three to four days to complete depending upon the number of participants in the class.

Northwest Ambulance Service

After a successful orientation, driving course completion and your receipt of an ambulance attendant permit, you will be assigned to a NAS Field Training officer (FTO) who will evaluate your EMS skills and your level of EMS knowledge. During the hours you spend with a FTO NAS will pay you your training rate of pay. Your willingness to demonstrate and satisfactorily meet your proficiency requirements will impact the length of time you will be required to work with an FTO. With the FTO’s approval, you will be scheduled to complete your first shift as an employee and your pay will reflect the rate quoted to you during your orientation.
The management team at NAS is truly grateful that you gave us an opportunity to offer you employment and to share our EMS philosophy with you. Feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at 219-663-8485 for any questions you may have concerning your future employment opportunities at Northwest Ambulance.
The Administrative Team of Northwest Ambulance Service

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