Since 2008, Northwest Ambulance Service focuses on providing quality patient care and prompt, courteous service, earning a reputation as a professional and compassionate private ambulance provider.

Welcome to Northwest Ambulance Service

We are a private ambulance company that has been providing quality medical transport throughout Lake and Porter Counties of Indiana since 2008. Our medical transportation services take patients to and from within Northwest indiana and Chicago IL area hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, specialty hospitals, doctors offices, retirement/independent housing, assisted living communities, dialysis centers, cancer treatment centers, private residences, and senior health care centers.

Northwest Ambulance has customized service for a diverse spectrum of clients, including hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis, and more. We can meet virtually any request — a claim that is readily substantiated by many of our satisfied clients. Our services range from customized transportation for the individual to routine transportation services. Our personnel are trained to be sensitive to their unique needs. Our program services and equipment are tailored to meet the specialized requirements and expectation of the Senior Citizens. At Northwest Ambulance, we provide unmatched and rapid response to the locations we serve today. We work within the time parameters you define and provide a positive corporate image that best serves the interests of your patients and your healthcare organization. Through compassionate and personal attention to individual needs, we ensure our patient makes a smooth and effortless transition from one location to another. Northwest Ambulance drivers are trained to assist with personal details, such as securing a patient’s door, keeping track of belongings, even providing transportation for a spouse or family member to accompany a patient. We ensure that each patient receives the personal attention and assistance they need — from the time we arrive to the moment they are placed into the caring hands of your healthcare professionals.

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